1/1/2018 Weekly Message

Good Evening Sandy Plains Families,

This is Mr. Harrington with the Sandy Plains Weekly Message.

I’d like to start by wishing all of our families a Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had a great winter break!

School News

  • Schools reopen tomorrow!  As always, our doors open at 8:30am and students are not considered absent until 8:45am.  It will be extra cold this week and we are encouraging all students to arrive at school between 8:30am-8:45am.  This will ensure that students are not waiting in the cold prior to the doors opening at 8:30am.  Thanks for supporting our school in keeping our students safe and warm! 
  • Tomorrow, we will be following the C day schedule for special areas.

PTA News

  • Our next PTA meeting will be on Monday, January 8 at 4pm.  We hope many parents can make our next PTA meeting.

Thanks for your continued support and have a wonderful evening!!