12/10/2017 Weekly Message

Good Evening Sandy Plains Families,
This is Mr. Harrington with the Sunday Weekly Message.
School News
  • As a school, we are continuing to focus on different virtues throughout the year. Each month, we will focus on a one virtue and have many opportunities for students to learn and show this virtue. This month’s virtue for our school is generosity. Thanks for your support of this virtue with your student and if possible take an opportunity to discuss what generosity means and how they can show it outside of school as well. 
  • The 2018 Nutrition Calendars from our Nutrition program with the University of Maryland will be sent out to parents soon. The calendars will provide many facts and ideas when choosing healthy foods for meals.
  • This Friday, our school library will be open this Friday from 9:00-9:15 am and again from 3:00-3:15 pm for parents.  This is a great opportunity to check out books to be read at home. 
  • Our special area schedule will be on day E tomorrow. 
PTA News
  • Santa’s workshop, a PTA sponsored event will take place at Sandy Plains from Dec. 19-22nd. This event takes place during the school day and more information will be sent home this week.
  • Our next PTA meeting will be on Monday, January 8 at 4pm.  We hope many parents can make our next PTA meeting.
Thanks for your continued support and have a wonderful evening.