Digital Art

Welcome to the Digital Art Page!!

BCPS Rule 6202 on Technology Authorized Use Policy
Students at SPES must only use approved websites while using BCPS technology. 
Therefore, students may use the following Approved Websites while at school.
Please use these resources at home as well.

Check your grades.
Access Digital Content (BrainPop, Pebble Go, Tumblebooks, Dreambox, etc.)
Use Instructional Tools (Wixie, ClassFlow, EasyBib, etc.)

The following resources are used at Sandy Plains... 
and may certainly be accessed from home!!  

Read the blurb, click on the logo... and CREATE!!

Educational computer apps and games for students. 
Games are divided by grade level and separated into categories:
such as letters, numbers, skills and strategy.

A typing practice website to help students learn proper hand
and finger position when typing on a computer.

A digital comic strip where students can create, edit
and animate their own original comic strip.

Jackson Pollack Digital Canvas

A digital canvas where students can explore Action Painting, 
and create original works of art in the style of Jackson Pollock.

A digital tour of the Museum of Modern Art. 
Students can virtually tour the museum, click on artwork,
and learn about the pieces and participate in art related activities.


A digital canvas where students can create portraits
in the style of Pablo Picasso.

A digital photo manipulation tool where students can alter photographs using different painting styles from iconic artists throughout history.

Image result for piskel

A digital canvas where students can create
and edit animated characters. 

Image result for storybird

A digital canvas where students are given literary excerpts as
drawing prompts to create original artwork.

Image result for sumo paint logo

SumoPaint is a digital canvas where students can use various drawing and painting tools to create original digital artwork.

A digital canvas where students can use various backgrounds and stickers to create unique and detailed digital works of art.

Image result for typedrawing

A digital canvas where students can explore the art of typeface and fonts to create unique and original works of digital art.